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         Quality Inspection of Chinese Goods

How to eliminate the Chinese good's quality risk

The economical of China is fast developing, the product exportation quantity are being more and more.
the product cost superiority and unceasingly expands the market share make Chinese product winning the prestige.
But, the product quality question is also prominent, how to get qualified product by inexpensive price from China ?

You may choose:
1. risk to import from China without certificate, only depends upon the sample to judge.
If so, please check the company website (if exists), the first thing is to check the ICP Number This is forced by chinese government. Every Website must to have a sole ICP number and must placed in home page. you can check the website owner by this ICP number .
It is necessary to check the company in google and baidu,to check whether this company have no good record. It is possible that If a company ever provide bad quality to supply,someone many be complained on internet.

2 Sets up the office in China.
Shanghai,Guangzhou,Beijing are first choices.

3 Makes commercial travel to china, personally examines the factory to examine merchandise,to guarantee the product quality. This is suitable for only one business or important products.
you should noted the punctual is not exact in china. so you should take the consideration when arranging the trip.

4 Seeks a 3rd Party Inspection Company to inspect goods , asks them at your service. Long term cooperative Quality check and inspection partner is very important, If the relation have been setup,you will benefit from it.
How to select a Inspection Company is not only the prices,also the efficiency, speciality and reliability are more important Factors.

pre shipment inspection china
pre shipment inspection china

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