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         Quality Inspection Standards

Quality Inspection Standards for Silicone Adhesive Packing

To inspect the packing tube,bottom plug, pointed nipple and printed materials separately according to the “Inspection Standards of Silicone Adhesive Packing Tube of New Changan Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd.”, “The Unifide Comparison Table of Product Names”, “The Standard Range List of Main Items for Series Product Specifications” and “The Standard Range List of Main Items for Series Spare Part Specifications (Rear Cover) ”.

Items and Requirements of Inspection
  • Visual Inspection

To inspect the appearance of products,if the defects of not fullness, askew nipple, high shoulder, penetrated nipple, tension fracture,water stain, inside and outside ripple, flat nipple, light and honeycombed phenomena are on packing bottle or the defects of breakage, perforation, not fullness, outside scratch, displacement,outside water stain are on bottom plug,they shall be regarded as unacceptable prlducts. The visual inspection of printed material include surface quality, color, pattern articulation of layout of printed sheet, contraposition of chroma, the requirement of quality is the quantity of dust and black spot must be less than 5. The dust and black spot on pattern must be less than 0.1mm and on characters must be less than 0.3mm; the color contrast of products and sample must be identical; The patterns and characters must be with feel of concave-convex and without displacement when turning it.

  • Inspection with Light

To place the samples of packing bottle, bottom plug and pointed nipple before the emergency lamp and inspect the surface quality of them by means of the light, the quality requirement is no defects but with homogeneous luster, the packing tube is porcelain white and the screw thread of bottom plug and pointed nipple is without pull.

  • Inspection of Weight

To weigh the weight of product with table balance.

  • Inspection of External Dimension

To mensurate with vernier calipers the height, perpendicularity, outside diameter,inside diameter and wall thickness of packing bottle, the diameter of tube nipple, the outside diameter, screw thread and height of pointed nipple.

  • Inspection of Hermetic Performance for Packing Bottle A

To inspect the inside diameter of packing bottle and sliding friction of bottom plug with tension tester.

  • Inspection of Pressure Resistance

To adjust the pressure of hydraulic tester to 6kg/cm2 and press packing bottle for 20s and then inspect whether the packing bottle is broken or not.

  • Inspection of High Temperature Resistance

To adjust the temperature of oven to 50℃, place the product into it and inspect the productwhether is soften and deformed or not after passing 10 hours.

  • Inspection of Low Temperature Resistance

To adjust the temperature of refrigerator to -15℃ place the product into it and inspect the product whether is broden or not after passing 10 hours.

  • Inspection of Hermetic Performance B

To pour proper amount of water in packing bottle, press the rear cover into the packing bottle 10-15mm with glue injector, place for 48 hours and inspect whether it is leaking or not.

10、Toughness Inspection on Nipple with screw Thread

The packing bottle with water is made falling from the heights of 1.5M and 2M separately and inspected whether the nipple with screw thread is broken or not.

11、Comprehensive Toughness Inspection of Material

To mill the frozen packing bottle by automobile tyre and to inspect whether it is broken or not.

12、Quality Inspection Of Pattern On Layout Of Printed Sheet

There is no burrs or tooth on it when inspecting the printed pattern and characters.

13、Inspection of Printing Ink Adhesion of Printed Materials

The ink cannot be scaled off after rubbing two products.


pre shipment inspection china
pre shipment inspection china

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